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Prevent multiple chats from same user

We would like to be able to prevent the same external user (customer) from having multiple chats open simultaneously, to avoid confusion for both the user and our reps. With cookies disabled, this could also lead to duplicate credits by different...
Laura Minniear, 24.08.2011, 14:48
200 votes Vote

ToDo List feature

A ToDo List aside of the geotracking tab and chats would be great to live instructions, lists, or anything to the operators
zpchips, 01.04.2012, 00:45
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184 votes Vote

Feedback/Feature Request (like this thing or uservoice)

I would be a great to have a feedback / request a feature system, just like idea informer or user voice. Thanks - we love your software.
Jorge, 24.10.2010, 15:13
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149 votes Vote

More Rules for Events (devices, geolocation,.....)

For example - Only trigger to returning visitors (ex : more than X visits but/and/or less than Y visits). - Only tigger to visitors which specific devices/browser (ex : I don't want to invite visitors from iPhone/Android devices as they rarely...
scott, 08.08.2012, 16:48
127 votes Vote

Add or Modify Mail and/or name in chat

Make the possibility to add missing name or mail, and modify mail and/or name in chat, when People make a mistake, or write a wrong data.
Fulvio, 10.01.2011, 07:28
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110 votes Vote

have bidirectional webcam facility.

The software does say that it has webcam support, but it actually doesn't it appears. I would like to propose the inclusion in the next update of bidirectional webcam support, for each party to see the other.
Leslie, 17.02.2011, 13:52
105 votes Vote

Add heatmaps and mouse tracking

It would be great to have live moustracking (like with and heatmaps on the co-browsing window. That way it will become the most addicting live monitoring tool available on the market! Besides it will provide valuable information for...
Richard Koeleman, 23.03.2011, 22:33
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93 votes Vote

Date and Hour in Columns

I would like to see Date and Hour when a visitor is coming.
Christen, 28.11.2010, 13:05
91 votes Vote

Redirect User chat to closest operator geographically

Redirect User chat to closest operator, geographically. Example: If user has initiated a live-chat from New-York then the operators with-in US or nearest to New-York should get the notification for the chat request.
Somchai Singh, 24.01.2011, 09:51
79 votes Vote

easy screenshot for customers

I suggest to have an easy way to sent screenshots for clients. It may be done like this: Operator asks customer to go to page with the error displayed, than he shall press the print button (for screenshot) and then the customer shall return to...
Response from the site administrator
livezilla, 21.01.2013
Heiko, 28.12.2010, 18:04
70 votes Vote

Highlight customer button on reply

A highlight when an oeprators answers a customer would be great or something like this apart of the sound since sometimes they leave the livesupport and dont notice a reply
zpchips, 01.04.2012, 00:46
67 votes Vote

Tag Users Manually, Set a Name for users w/o chat

Currently, the users are identified by Name when they return to the site ONLY if they have previously engaged in a chat session. As is often the case, a customer may call while on the website, allowing us to identify which user they are. If the...
Daniel Bell, 27.09.2011, 15:33
1 comment
56 votes Vote

have the Chat ID field added to Clean Up Database

I would like the ability to delete a specific chat transcription from the server and not just the local workstation.
Joe ASR, 14.04.2011, 19:50
52 votes Vote

Export data information from Livezilla reports

Export data information from Livezilla reports to excel file
Helen, 23.05.2014, 08:29
47 votes Vote

Operator Availability Report by Group

Can the Operator Availability Report show Operator Availability based on Group hours instead of a 24 x 7 schedule - possibly as an additional data point? Example, show the current data based on 24 x 7, but then list each group under that and show...
rndrick, 26.09.2012, 16:30
45 votes Vote

ChatBot Virtual assistant included on offsite chat window

ChatBot Virtual Assistant is only available with onsite widget. The offsite window offers more available features then the onsite widget, so is preferred, but it does not support ChatBbot. Please make the ChatBot feature available for the offsite...
Greg Thayer, 21.10.2014, 22:13
43 votes Vote

More design options for the user home page

More design options for the user home page like opening hours and more pictures and other buttons for Ask, Mail and Start Chat Funktion.
Peter, 24.07.2012, 01:03
40 votes Vote

add chat vouchers through client console

First off I'd like to start off by saying LiveZilla is definitely one of the best Live Chat solutions I've used to date. Your Live Chat solutions is very feature rich and affordable. I own all of your premium features and a pro operator license...
Nickolas, 22.04.2013, 07:34
37 votes Vote

Custom Branded Mobile App

To give users whitebranded App.
IƱaki, 28.11.2013, 11:14
36 votes Vote

add the ability to remove the special users (I'd like to use that for myself) from the statistics.

Thilo No, 28.12.2010, 15:58
35 votes Vote

Two-Factor Authentication

I would like to request two-factor authentication using a YubiKey from Two-factor authentication adds an additional layer of security by introducing a second step to your login. It takes something you know (i.e.: your...
Nickolas, 30.04.2013, 18:37
33 votes Vote

Word Filter

Please add an option to be able to filters foul language.
Nickolas, 22.05.2013, 03:31
33 votes Vote

Minify CSS/JS

Please can you optimize (minify) all CSS and JS components! This was previously on the roadmap ( but seems to have now vanished!!?
Mark, 03.07.2014, 15:44
33 votes Vote

Answer timeout that redirect to instant email to customer

Need the ability to set a timeout no answer limit, if that time is reached then the customer gets sent a friendly email stating that we were away and will respond shortly.
ryan, 16.09.2014, 19:41
29 votes Vote

Separate Skills and Departments

I am using LiveZilla to contact the clients. At the same time I have another software that I use for internal communication between employees. I would like to see each agent to be part of only one department with multiple skills. This will help so...
George, 24.08.2012, 11:25
28 votes Vote

SSO login option

We are using different billing systems. And would like to use livezilla as our livechat application. Instead of creating seperate users it would be nice to have option of SSO to login the user from billing system admin area.
Ender Yenice, 23.04.2013, 16:50
28 votes Vote

Confirmation window when customer closes chat

Need a "do you really want to end this chat?" pop up window when customer ends chat. Close needs to be moved as it is really to close to the minimize window causing confusion for customers
ryan, 16.09.2014, 19:37
24 votes Vote

Tag or Categorize Conversations

It would be of use to be able to categorize or tag a conversation as it is closed and then report on it. For example. 6 operators deal with 20 calls each in a day. It would be of great use to see a report on what they tagged each call as...
daverage, 09.07.2013, 15:59
22 votes Vote

Customize chat window title in script

Add the ability to customize the windows title in the script generator. This will allow to have a different title for different languages for example.
Miguel Fontanes, 29.04.2014, 03:15
20 votes Vote

to differ messages from each side in chat transcript by different colours

After the chat is over, we receive the chat transcript in a mono colour: black. It would much better if each comment from both sides is visually recognizable by different colours, for example the colour of customer's replica is red, the support...
Steven, 26.04.2013, 12:39

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