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have bidirectional webcam facility.

The software does say that it has webcam support, but it actually doesn't it appears. I would like to propose the inclusion in the next update of bidirectional webcam support, for each party to see the other.

Leslie , 17.02.2011, 13:52
Idea status: under consideration


Terrum, 26.02.2011, 11:13
That would be kind of useful. But not really necessary. My vote though :)
Yan, 16.09.2012, 02:23
We all know LiveZilla is the best Live help solution available. As an online dating service provider, I can just say that bidirectional video will prove extremely valuable for me, because this way I can verify my new signups. For example, when a new user sign up, i can have an interview with him or her to make sure it is not a scammer before I activate his profile on my site. As at the moment, you can turn webcam support on or off, so the same can be done with 2 way webcam support, it can be either turned on (used) or off (not used). I think if LiveZilla incorporate this mod, many many dating service providers will use it as their preferred ive help solution. As things stand now, I am even willing to pay for this modification. Thx LiveZilla...Yan from www.lovelychinalady.com

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