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More Rules for Events (devices, geolocation,.....)

For example

- Only trigger to returning visitors (ex : more than X visits but/and/or less than Y visits).
- Only tigger to visitors which specific devices/browser (ex : I don't want to invite visitors from iPhone/Android devices as they rarely accept to chat).
- Only trigger to visitors from specific regions/cities (ex : if I am doing a local campaign I only want to reach specifc visitors from this area).
- Only trigger if the visitors have visited the X, Y, Z,.... pages during his current/previous sessions.

scott , 08.08.2012, 17:48
Idea status: scheduled


Kirill, 14.08.2012, 16:01
And trigger on ip visitors.
3lobe, 20.11.2015, 12:40
Pls also trigger for jacascript var's und functions.
serhiis, 01.03.2017, 07:42
need a trigger firing on every chat window loading to inject custom HTML every time the page with overlay chat is (re)loaded and JS vars are initialized - looks like it first track.php request or something like that.

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