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Tag Users Manually, Set a Name for users w/o chat

Currently, the users are identified by Name when they return to the site ONLY if they have previously engaged in a chat session. As is often the case, a customer may call while on the website, allowing us to identify which user they are. If the operators could simply right click --> Set Name. . . and enter a customer name, we would be able to identify all returning users within a relatively short period of time.

Vote for this ! It's a great e-commerce/B2B solution.

Daniel Bell , 27.09.2011, 15:33
Idea status: under consideration


mancercorp, 30.03.2015, 12:38
Just new to this - very impressed with the features!

I note this post is 2011 - Just thought I would add that This is now achievable by right clicking and adding it in the comments

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